We provide experienced and affordable solutions that provide
critical litigation support for a wide range of information technology issues.
We use court recognized and accepted software, hardware, knowledge, and methodologies to
acquire unaltered images of information technology infrastructures. We then analyze, identify,
authenticate, and report on this electronic data.
We augment this with the expert ability to produce court-approved documentation and if necessary,
provide expert witnessing in court.
We turn this data into valuable knowledge, avoiding expensive mistakes and reducing the overall
cost of electronic discovery and litigation.

  • Source code theft and use by former employee
  • Examination of fax communications infrastructure to determine whether faxes were inter- or intra-state
  • Examination of computers to prove theft and sabotage by former employees hired by competitor
  • Examination of telephone/computer infrastructure to determine whether calls were recorded illegally
  • Recovery of critical customer file destroyed by former executive
  • Examination of an IT manager’s computer for downloaded pornography to prove download of pornographic files to support the decision to fire him for inappropriate use and sexual harassment of a female co-worker
  • Examination of custom software in litigation for non-performance against the software development company
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It is becoming common for employees who are dismissed from their jobs to file wrongful dismissal claims against their employers. Employees who leave may also be taking intellectual property information with them, in the form of computer data, to use against the company. Often they are
violating non-compete agreements.

All of these can drain a company’s resources and threaten its position among competitors. Litigation on issues such as discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, and acts of malfeasance present real
and significant threats to business continuity and resources.

The increasing costs and impact of litigation can affect the whole enterprise including human resources, legal, accounting, IT/IS, and executive management.

These employees typically “delete” incriminating and/or sensitive computer files. What they don’t know is that this information may still exist in ambient storage areas on their computers This computer data may linger for months or even years and it can be recovered and documented using computer forensic methods and techniques.

By using ForenTech’s computer forensics consulting services, employers can now reduce wrongful dismissal claims. This recovered and incriminating digital evidence can prove that the employer’s computer was used in violation of policy or in the commission of computer crimes, all of which may also be used against the employee.

Dismissed employee actions can also be reduced through preventative actions and policies implemented by the employer. Computers are usually reissued when employees leave. This practice can destroy the incriminating evidence that can be used against the former employee. Also, continued use of the computer may raise questions as to who created the incriminating evidence and when.

About Us

ForenTech LLC was started by two information technology veterans who realized the need for competent and affordable e-Discovery and IT forensic services.

Our goal is to build ForenTech into an industry leader by offering locally supported and affordable services and support for commercial litigation technology related issues.

We currently have offices in Phoenix, Arizona and Denver, Colorado, however, we have no geographical limitations and have the equipment to perform our services anywhere needed.


Mark S. Cardwell: Principal – Phoenix, Arizona.

Mark has over 20 years of I.T. and management experience. He combines a strong business background with a deep insight of technology to guide ForenTech to the forefront of e-Discovery and IT forensics.
Mr. Cardwell earned a M.B.A. from Boston College Graduate School of Management with a dual concentration in Strategic Management and Management Information Systems. He earned a BS in economics and mathematics at the University of Oregon.

Michael Horwith: Principal – Denver, Colorado

Michael has over 20 years of I.T. and management experience. He previously founded the largest independent software company on the East Coast and grew it to 250 employees. Michael has a M.B.A.

Tim Pepper: Business Development – Phoenix, Arizona

Tim brings deep knowledge of traditional and e-business marketing, sales and business development to ForenTech. His background includes 11 years with a major pharmaceutical company and and 7 years in the building design industry. He holds a B.A. in Economics from the University of Minnesota and an M.B.A. with a specialization in e-Business from the University of Phoenix.